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Cocoa Butter


Stemak Limited is offering premium quality unrefined cocoa butter which is a kind of vegetable stearin refined from cocoa liquor. It is amber in liquid state and is light yellow in the solid state. Quality cocoa butter is generally squeezed and is not refined with chemical methods. Its acidity (free fatty acid) is lower than 1.75%. it is normally 25kg/block and stored in 5 degree Celsius environment. The natural strong scent and/or flavor can either be kept, or be partially or completely removed through deodorization.

It is used in the making of soaps, cosmetics, balms, massage oils and for sun burn relief. It replenishes moisture while reducing soreness from sun and wind burned skin. It prompts integration and suppleness of scar tissue by preserving skin's natural elasticity.

Natural or Alkalised Cocoa Powder

Stemak Limited is offering high quality Natural or Alkalized Cocoa Powder refined from Cocoa Cake

Alkalized cocoa powder has been treated with alkali during processing to produce a mellower, less harsh-tasting, but darkly colored cocoa.


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